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Set up in conjunction with AustalCapital, we believe AustalEducation which provides financial training, is a complementary and necessary service for the fast-growing financial services market in India. As foreign and local firms are beginning to tap the financial markets in India, there is a real need

to provide practical and hands-on training so that employees can begin their jobs with the necessary skills to make an impact on the workplace on day one. Many firms spend time and resources training their employees before they begin working. We believe our training, based on years of on-the-job experience by instructors who have worked in all the fields we cover, will complement the theoretical education and job experiences with which employees enter their professions.

  • We provide modeling and valuation training for finance professionals and basic financial training for IT professionals building IT applications for financial institutions.
  • We serve Dalal Street firms and business schools as well as IT firms.

Our goal is to demonstrate the real-world application of finance theory with hands-on instruction and practical examples.

With over 50 years of combined experience, AustalEducation’s team offers its clients in-depth knowledge of investment banking and professional instruction. The members of the team have worked across a broad spectrum of financial industries including investment banking, hedge funds, real estate, accounting and equity research.