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Excel 101 (Beginners)
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Excel is the world’s most popular spreadsheet, useful for everything from maintaining simple house hold budgets to building sophisticates financial models or designing complex dashboards. At AustalEducation we believe that Excel is a must have skill in every business environment. We offer both a Basic (Excel 101) and an Advanced course in Excel.

Course Outline

Excel Basics

  • Interface & the Ribbon, Customise Quick Access Toolbar, Opening & Saving Excel Files, Spreadsheet Layout & Navigation, Getting Help

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  • Selecting Cells, Entering, Editing & Deleting Data, Moving & Copying Data, Power Pasting (Using paste options, Pasting multiple items, Pasting raw data, Pasting formulas & formatting), Using Auto Fill (Setting a custom series)

Worksheets & Workbooks

  • Workbook Organisation: Inserting & deleting sheets, Renaming sheets, Moving worksheets, Duplicating worksheets, Hiding & unhiding worksheets
  • Worksheet Organisation: Inserting cell comments, Hiding & unhiding rows & columns, Splitting & freezing panes


  • Columns & Rows, Text Formatting Numbers, Borders & Shading, Formatting & Applying Table Styles, Applying Cell Styles, Using the Format Painter, Formatting Worksheets, Working with Themes, Using Conditional Formatting (Specifying rules, Applying format changes)

Formulas & Functions

  • Formulas in Excel: Creating &
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    editing simple formulas, Mathematical operator precedence, Absolute & relative cell referencing

  • Functions: Creating a common function, Using AutoSum & Auto Calculate, Function types, Function syntax, Understanding & using the basic IF function


  • Introduction to Charts in Excel, Building Basic Charts, Chart Editing & Formatting, Inserting Sparklines


  • Print Options: Setting the print area, Customising headers & footers, Repeating row & column headers, Printing to fit
  • Print Preview: Moving page breaks, Adjusting margins & spacing, Printing Charts (As an independent object, As part of a worksheet)


  • Using Templates, Creating & Modifying Templates, Saving an Existing Document as a Template


  • Overview of Data Protection, Setting Spreadsheet Passwords, Locking & Hiding Cells, Worksheet & Workbook Protection, File Protection