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Financial Management

Module I: Financial management

  • Financial management – Introduction to financial management
  • Objectives of financial management – profit maximization and wealth maximization
  • Changing role of finance managers
  • Interface of Financial Management with other functional areas
  • Indian financial system – Primary market, Secondary market
  • Stocks & commodities market, Money market, Forex markets

Module II: Sources of Financing

  • Shares, Debentures, Term loans, Lease financing, Hybrid financing, Venture capital investing, Warrants. Angel investing Private equity, Warrants and convertibles

Module III: Time value of money

  • Future value of single cash flow & annuity
  • Present value of single cash flow, annuity & perpetuity
  • Simple interest & Compound interest
  • Capital recovery & loan amortization

Module IV: Cost of Capital Cost of capital

  • Basic concepts
  • Cost of debenture capital
  • Cost of preferential capital
  • Cost of term loans
  • Cost of equity capital (Dividend discounting and CAPM model )
  • Cost of retained earnings
  • Determination of Weighted average cost of capital (WACC) and Marginal cost of capital

Module V: Investment decisions

Module VI: Working capital management

  • Factors influencing working capital requirements
  • Current asset policy and current asset finance policy
  • Determination of operating cycle and cash cycle
  • Estimation of working capital requirements of a firm

Module VII: Capital structure and dividend decisions

  • Planning the capital structure
  • Leverages: Determination of operating leverage, financial leverage and total leverage
  • Factors affecting the dividend policy, dividend policies, stable dividend, stable payout

Module VIII: Emerging Issues in Financial management

  • Derivatives
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Behavioral Finance
  • Financial Modelling
  • Financial engineering
  • Risk management