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International Financial Management

Module I: International financial Environment

  • International financial Environment
  • The Importance, rewards & risk of international finance
  • Goals of MNC
  • International Business methods
  • Exposure to international
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    risk- International Monetary system

  • Multilateral financial institution

Module II: International flow of funds and International Monetary system

  • International Flow of Funds
  • Balance of Payments (BoP)
  • Fundamentals of BoP
  • Accounting components of BOP
  • Factors affecting International Trade and capital flows
  • Agencies that facilitate International flows
  • Equilibrium & Disequilibrium
  • Trade deficits
  • Capital account convertability.( problems on BOP)
  • Evolution, Gold Standard, Bretton Woods system
  • The flexible exchange rate regime
  • The current exchange rate arrangements
  • The Economic and Monetary Union (EMU)

Module III: Foreign Exchange Market

  • Function and Structure of the Forex markets
  • Foreign exchange market participants
  • Types of transactions and Settlements Dates
  • Exchange rate quotations
  • Nominal, Real and Effective exchange rates
  • Determination of Exchange rates in Spot markets
  • Exchange rates determinations in Forward markets
  • Exchange rate behavior
  • Cross Rates Arbitrage profit in foreign exchange markets
  • Swift Mechanism
  • Triangular and locational arbitrage

Module IV: International Financial Markets and Instruments

  • Foreign Portfolio Investment
  • International Bond & Equity market
  • GDR, ADR, Cross listing of shares Global registered shares
  • Foreign Bonds & Eurobonds, Global Bonds
  • Floating rate Notes
  • Zero coupon Bonds
  • International Money Markets
  • International Banking services: Correspondent Bank, Representative offices, Foreign Branches
  • Forward Rate Agreements

Module V: International Parity Relationships & Forecasting Foreign Exchange rate

  • Measuring exchange rate movements
  • Exchange rate equilibrium
  • Factors effecting foreign exchange rate
  • Forecasting foreign exchange rates
  • Interest Rate Parity, Purchasing Power Parity & International Fisher effects
  • Covered Interest Arbitrage

Module VI: Foreign Exchange exposure

  • Management of Transaction exposure
  • Management of Translation exposure
  • Management of Economic exposure
  • Management of political Exposure
  • Management of Interest rate exposure

Module VII: Foreign exchange risk Management

Module VIII: International Capital Budgeting

  • Evaluation of a project
  • Factors affecting, Risk Evaluation,
  • Impact on Value
  • Adjusted Present Value Method